Nov. 9, 2018 6–10pm // Nov. 10, 1–9pm // November 11, 1–9pm

by Ragnar Kjartansson

ODESSA will be joining a group of talented women in this performance helmed by Icelandic Artist RAGNAR KJARTANSSON
NOTE: Odessa will NOT be performing her own compositions.

Romantic Songs of the Patriarchy, by Ragnar Kjartansson, is a 3 day durational musical performance that extends throughout the weekend of November 9th with 1 ½ hour timed viewing slots available to our visitors. Hours are: Nov. 9, 6–10pm; Nov. 10, 1–9pm; and November 11, 1–9pm. 

The live performance will take place at The Women’s Building in San Francisco’s Mission District, and will feature women singing familiar and what at first seem to be innocuous love songs, but when listened to more carefully reveal more complex attitudes towards women. It is a humorous, poetic reflection on the state of our culture in the midst of the great turbulence called our times.

Ragnar Kjartansson draws on the entire arc of art in his performative practice. The history of film, music, theatre, visual culture and literature find their way into his video installations, durational performances, drawing and painting. Pretending and staging become key tools in the artist's attempt to convey sincere emotion and offer a genuine experience to the audience.


I’m a bit of a recluse. In recent years I’ve been focusing more on developing myself as a songwriter and less on live performance. I hope you’ll join me for those rare times when I do leave the house and venture out into the night with my guitar. Sometimes I’ll be playing solo, sometimes with a band, and very occassionally with a string ensemble.