Cinematic and spectral, Odessa Chen’s music is a journey, intimate as a long held secret. Each song, like a tiny rowboat maneuvering in the dark, transports us to the deepest part of the lake where the stars shine brightest.

Traveling through despair towards transcendence, through stark winters to hazy summers, each haunting memory and snapshot in time speaks of the romance of heightened experiences, pivotal moments, and the rush of love. Resonating with influences of folk, alt-country, rock, and classical choral music, Odessa’s songs reach from the autobiographical towards the universal.

In recent years, lush orchestral arrangements have given way to a sparer approach. She is currently writing songs for a rock influenced album, Through One Another’s Arms.

Odessa has been featured on MTVU and NPR and has toured the U.S. and Europe. She’s worked with Devin Hoff (Nels Cline Singers, Xiu Xiu), Wilco’s Nels Cline, Scott Amendola, Roger Riedlebauer (Jolie Holland), and Rich Douthit of The Drift.

In 2013 she released two EP’s with the chamber classical Invisible Stories Ensemble. She was half of electronic pop duo The Great Fires with Nyles Lannon (Film School), a member of Thee More Shallows, and has appeared on major label releases and commercials as a session singer.

Odessa was born in Baltimore, Maryland to a physicist, organist, choir director, father. Her mother is a nationally recognized painter and art teacher.


ODESSA HAS COLLABORATED with choreographers Garrett + Moulton Productions, The Invisible Stories Ensemble, Max Stoffregen, Nuria, & Nyles Lannon (Film School).
She was a member of Troia, Thee More Shallows, and The Great Fires.



DEVIN RAY HOFF : BASSIST Cibo Matto, Julia Holter, Vijay Iyer, Nels Cline, Graham Connah, Ben Goldberg, Howard Wiley, Carla Kihlstedt, Scott Amendola, Hugh Ragin, Good for Cows with Ches Smith, and Carla Bozulich. https://devinhoff.bandcamp.com

ROGER RIEDLBAUER : GUITAR Jolie Holland, Sean Hayes, Gojogo, the Halifax Pier, Music in the Other. http://woodandwires.net

NELS CLINE : GUITAR Wilco, Julian Lage, The Nels Cline Singers, Scott Amendola, and Stained Radiance amoung countless others. http://www.nelscline.com

SCOTT AMENDOLA : DRUMMER Charlie Hunter, Will Bernard, John Schott, Nels Cline, Jenny Scheinman, Jeff Parker, Ben Goldberg and Devin Hoff, Bill Frisell, Kelly Joe Phelps and Nels Cline. http://scottamendola.com

RICH DOUTHIT : DRUMMER The Drift, Winfred E. Eye, Boxcar Saints https://thedrift.bandcamp.com

CRAIG ADAMS : GUITAR Winfred E.Eye http://www.winfredeeye.com

JAY PELLICCI : ENGINEER Head Engineer at New, Improved Recording and formerly Tiny Telephone, Jay has recorded Magnetic Fields, Sleater-Kinney, The Dodos, Mates of State, Deerhoof, and Death Cab for Cutie. http://www.jaypellicci.com/

IAN PELLICCI : ENGINEER John Vanderslice, Rumah Sakit, 31 Knots. http://www.ianpellicci.com/

JEFF BYRD : ENGINEER Spoon, Neurosis, Explosions In The Sky, Iron and Wine.


ODESSA HAS APPEARED on records by Nyles Lannon, Thee More Shallows,
Noe Venable, Vienna Teng (Decca Universal), Carta, Charles Atlas,
and as a session vocalist on many more records and commercials for Honda and Nutella.

Thee More Shallows : More Deep Cuts (Monotreme, Turn)
Nyles Lannon : Falling Inside (Badman)
Noe Venable : Cascadia (Independent)
Vienna Teng: Inland Territory (Decca Universal)
Carta : The Faults Follow (Saint Marie Records)
Charles Atlas : To The Dust: From Man You Came To Man You Shall Return (Ochre Records)
Details Hurt My Mind : Various Artists (Independent)