your problem is
you can’t turn the t.v. on again
dial for assistance
you’re not virtual enough and you can’t fake it

will you be the one who fails to fail ?

death wish charms
they buy it up for a song
a photo overexposed
just made more negative and more remote
give away these failures
choreographed for centuries
give them away as gifts to your enemies

will you be the one who fails to fail?

everyone loves you far away
an arms length is all it takes


baby, count down the days,
they’re thieves blow them away
are you in need of a cure?
someone or something to fall
on your knees before

baby, overhear, fireflies trapped in jars
go on and shed false splendor
i want to see beyond the glare
tires through water
things folded and tucked away
not unlike the many things we don’t discuss

you’re a one hit wondering why
a star consciously falling out of the sky
a one hit wondering why

baby, you do it to yourself
tie yourself to the train tracks
then scream to me for help


in the dream it’s as it always was
we speak like a body speaks to itself
without words
in the dream the trees gather by the roadside
as still as you heart

i am here to mend what can’t be
when will you come?
your lips will be what wake me from this world

in the dream it’s as if no time has passed
as it was after all your friends had gone
and the blood in your pounding veins had calmed
in the dream i reach
and you are there to touch
kisses move like whispers
or wind through an empty church
time rolls back
like storm clouds in reverse
and somewhere in the place
where heaven should be
side by side we sleep


to have what everyone wants
a glimpse, one true word
and not be blind to it

still i didn’t know
you can travel side by side a great distance
hold him close for many years
his pulse so near
that it seems from your own no different
and then one day
on a day like any other it stops

i’ve done the best i can with what’s been given
i’ve seen with my own eyes
a night sky that could wreak you with it’s beauty
felt the rhythmn of infinity
in the placement of the stars
i’ve gazed into favorite eyes
seen them close for the last time
all that we all know and hold onto
are our bridges of water
leading us to song


oh, mistakes
a fall under the guise of grace
there is awe
caused by the would be
there is a fractured sky
a split second blind spot to me
there in the version,
the wrong side down
certain synapses keep firing
breathe breathe no one can displace
(by odessa chen)

i remember the day we met
and the site was some surprise
you feed your anger
you torch your skies
some part says i know
there could be any reason
you ought to know
don’t leave the sidewalk and fly on high
your heart is sold again
you’ve preached your lies
can this be? or will it not be?
i shouldn’t know
i remember the day we met how you looked when you
said your name
running only on batteries
(by charles dennison)


comitted different kinds of indifference
this is the lie for the treaty
we both signed resigned to the glory
of bus stops at nightfall
i don’t need anything more

further, by default
and circumstantial interest
not close, but far resemblence

not enough compassion
for your damage
not enough to last us
bad thoughts show like stitches
you’re a fill in the blank to me
you could be anyone

further, by default
and circumstantial interest
not close, but far resemblence


picking up all frequencies at once
ones you only hear perfectly still
i recall the snow falling
soft as geese
white as the throat of that flower

let me ly in your arms,
let me ly in your snow angels

looking for signs in the sky
following ghosts, following visions
i hear your breath
sliding like a wing past my ear
and see your footsteps
scar the surface of the snow

let me ly in your arms,
let me ly in your snow angels

no longer hoping, no longer waiting
no longer hurting
no longer waiting, no longer losing
no longer searching
no longer lost